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Send your dream for interpretation. Our staff are very insightful and take the time to give thorough assessments with a resolution and declaration over your life. It’s always amazing what comes out of the activity of our sleep. Much of the time, there is healing there that we are contending for, but unaware that we have the key. Your dream will be assigned to one of the staff members, and you will receive your interpretation by email within (7 – 10) business days. We have provided a word calculator for your convenience.

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You can receive a prophetic reading from our students or staff, by sending a request form selecting the product you desire. You will receive your reading by email within (7 – 10) business days. We have several options to choose from.

 Single Written Gift Prophetic Reading  Single Written Prophetic Reading  Prophetic New Year Reading (30min. MP3)  Written New Year Prophetic Reading  Recorded Reading (30min. MP3)
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The moneys that the school receives for the services of the students, facilitate site costs and other forms of outreach, which give the students the opportunity to use what they learn. We wouldn’t have it to use, if people didn’t give. Most people are willing to pay for something they value. Our time is valuable. We don’t sell our gift or anointing. What people pay for is our time. Anyone with a job, expects to be paid for their time and their skills, talents or gifts. They use the gifts God has given them to do the job. Traditional religion sometimes has a skewed perception of giving. We are often taught to expect from God’s servants out of a sense of entitlement, never taking into consideration the price they have paid to operate in their gifts. The training, the study, the intimacy with Father that nurtures what He has placed within them. Even pastors need to be paid, otherwise they couldn’t live and do what God has called them to do. What an injustice it would be to expect someone God has prepared and refined to bless and maybe even change the course of our lives for the better; to require nothing but a thank you and a hand shake. Ministers and practitioners also must pay their bills. Even the Bible tells us to sow into good ground and expect the seed to grow. As believers of the Living God, we should be prospering in what He has gifted us for. That is an example worth seeing, for those who have yet to meet Him.