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Interactive Dream DictionaryOur dictionary is the result of years of our organization interpreting dreams and has symbols from A to Z, colors, numbers, names and activities. We are adding to it and editing constantly, so it continues to grow. We haven’t put it all in a book yet, so it’s a living and growing organism. You can only have access if you are a student. This means you’ll always have the latest updates. You’ll find some very out of the ordinary entries there.
So why is it interactive? It’s searchable and (this is the best part) — If there’s a specific symbol stumping you that we don’t have listed, there’s a place right below where you can post it and one of our team members will add your entry to the list. (Be patient with us though, it typically only gets worked on during regular semesters). It will all eventually be incorporated into dictionary. That will help us continue to make this piece bigger and better!​To get access, you’ll need a free NIT membership. Sign up on the main page first if you’re not a member already. You’ll have access as soon as you are enrolled as a student. Enjoy!

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"Now Interpret This!" Dream Journal - by Melody Paasch

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