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Take the time to discover these unique products and services and the awesome individuals that created them. Stay tuned for new additions! Seneca SchurbonFreedom Flowers

These are not oils, but a means of healing that employs frequencies to heal negative emotional states. Our mission is very simple. It’s your freedom. Freedom from hurt, trauma, depression, fears, limitations, negativity, stress and anger to name a few.

Seneca Schurbon’s essence making process involves a precedent set in the text of Genesis 1, using both created and creative light. The essences vibrate with the frequency of the flower as well as the frequency of Creator. Visit Freedom Flowers to learn more.

Imagine having a dedicated prophetic intercessor who clocks in, prays, declares and receives prophetic intel and then relays it back to you.

Tammy Tannahill of does exactly that. You decide how much time you want her for, and you’ll receive an MP3 recording of the “cession.”

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Del is at it again with a website dedicated to healing through music. If you’ve ever wondered about the Solfeggio scale, all the conspiracy theories that are out there and the various arguments for each, what Del brings to the table is an impartial sensibility with a doctorate in music.

Much of the current research on the subject of “healing frequencies” is by scientists (often who aren’t musicians) and other enthusiasts. This includes musicians, but not necessarily musicians who have enough understanding of music theory and history. For those who suffered through (ahem) countless hours of music history and theory courses in college, you will understand that in order to have full knowledge of musical frequencies/pitches and how they work together, music theory beyond a basic knowledge is required. Explore Healing Frequencies Music & Get a FREE Song!